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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

An update on the Library

I waited about a week to email the library after my unfortunate experience so as not to be rude when I explained what happened. I know it's not a huge deal, and I didn't want to be that person who makes a situation worse because they aren't calm. But I think it was inappropriately handled by this particular librarian and I don't want another care-giver to be approached as I was and to feel as I did when trying to enjoy the library with QUIET CHILDREN.

I mentioned my efforts to be courteous of others (by bottle feeding vs breast feeding), and the fact that children around me were being loud while mine were not. I mentioned that the rattle in question is one that I use in church without any problems, and that it is the only toy my infant currently responds to. I don't know which librarian it was who approached us, so I didn't give any identifying information.

The following day I received a call from the director of the library. She apologized for what happened and invited me to please return to the library in the future. She asked if I could in any way help her figure out which librarian spoke to me, so I told her which children's librarian had witnessed the exchange so she could ask her. I also told the director that I understand it is difficult to endure the sounds of kids screaming and additional noises on top of that... but I didn't think it was right to single me out (perhaps a better response to the whole thing would have been to help parents distract their crying kids or help the parents with the crying kids so they can get outta there!).

Now it seems kind of silly now that I cried about it. But it really sucked at the time. And I appreciate that even if it seemed insignificant to the director, she took the time to address the situation.

Like I said before, I'm definitely still going to visit the library and do my best to teach Aspen and Lincoln appropriate use of the facility. I don't hold it against that librarian for making me cry like a baby, and I won't give her dirty looks next time I see her (HA!).

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