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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

For the walls

Sometimes I wonder what happened to my brain. For a couple of years now, we haven't had a desktop computer set up. We've been getting by with my really run down netbook, and Kev's work laptop. The printer is accessible in our home office, but there's no computer hooked up to it. When I needed to print, I waited until I could use Kev's computer or I suck it up and pay for it at the library. My netbook doesn't have many programs on it anymore so it doesn't read a lot of documents/images that I've been setting aside for printing. Additionally, the printer ran out of color ink a looooong time ago.

But now I have two kids, one of whom went through a phase of non-stop fussing and screaming when he wasn't eating, sleeping, or being vigorously rocked. So the thought of trying to print something at the library while also keeping track of Aspen made me panic.

So one day I looked at Kev and asked if there was a reason I wasn't buying more color ink for our printer. I wondered if I had just talked myself in being so cheap that I wouldn't purchase more, or if he had asked me not to. We concluded my time and sanity is worth the cost of having ink in the printer at home.

When I was finally able to sit down in my own house and print PDFs that I've had saved for over a year on the computer, it was like Christmas. I loved being able to finally print and frame so many of the things I've been picturing on our walls.

There are a couple more things I'm waiting for in the mail, and then I can get to work on my bedroom and the long-anticipated gallery wall over the stairs. Hooray for progress!

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