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Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Grandparents weekend

My parents came to town to meet Linc and spoil Aspen for a few days. It was a really short visit, but we packed in a lot of stuff.

They were able to bring my grandpa Vito with them (he lives with them in Maine) so he, too, could meet the baby. He loves little kids and it's so fun to see him interacting with mine. Aspen was in heaven having so many adults to watch her dance around the house and do her bidding.

She also loved that Seth came over every day to visit and play with her. Although she got really mad at him for not letting her play with his iPad while he was trying to use it himself. She sat down and started cutting and taping paper for a little while as we all continued to talk in the living room. When she was done with her project, she announced she had made handcuffs for Uncle Seth so he couldn't move her fingers away from the iPad anymore.

I was so impressed with her creation! We asked her where the key was in case we needed to take the cuffs off, so she got to work cutting a lock and a key for them. She just blows me away with her ingenuity.

My sister also arrived over the weekend and came with gifts from Mexico. She brought Aspen some adorable wooden versions of Lightning and Mator that she loved. It's so fun to watch her line up all the cars and act out scenes with them.

Aspen was excited to give Sophia a belated birthday present and show her how we'd set up her room and Linc's room for guests. It was a real treat that Sophia agreed to sleep in Lincoln's room with Aspen while all the grandparents were in town. I was impressed that Aspen was willing to give her room to Vito while my parents took the guest room. We converted the crib into a daybed for Aspen and I think she really like kicking Linc out of his room for a couple of days.

It was a quick trip, but we'll be heading to Maine in a few weeks so we'll see them again soon for more summer fun.

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