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Monday, August 18, 2014

Just some photos

I think I've exercised considerable restraint when it comes to posting photos of my kids. So... here's today's post for ya.

I get asked often how Aspen is doing as a newly-minted sister. I can honestly say that she is an even better child than she was before. Having this long-anticipated little brother seems to have completed her. She has yet to misbehave as a result of Lincoln's arrival, and she is very reception to instructions about him. We had a few rough moments when I couldn't get her to leave. him. alone. to let him sleep, but we're getting over that hurdle.

I'm so glad she loves Lincoln, especially since he is pretty boring right now. Thankfully, he started smiling a couple of weeks ago and that is fun.

I know they won't get along all the time as they grow up,, but it is so nice they at least made the transition from one child to two easy on me.

I'd still take some free help at night to put them to both to bed when Kev's not home, though. They sure aren't messing around when 7pm hits.

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