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Monday, August 11, 2014

Letters to Lincoln, month 2


Yea! We did it! Another month! I'm of the opinion that every day my children get older is a good day.

Around 5 weeks old I moved you into your own room. Aspen helped me put your crib together and we hung pom poms and made it as cozy as we could. We organized your clothes and dug through boxes of baby things I'd forgotten about. It was so nice to have you in your own space, getting used to sleeping in your bed instead of the basinet in my room.

Your need/desire to cluster feed every night subsided slightly as you got a couple weeks older, and it's a relief for me. I am better able to juggle two kids at bedtime, although Aspen is still staying up later than I would like at this point. But hey, it's summer! Let's be wild!

During the day you usually take one good, long nap, accompanied by a few catnaps on either side. At night there is the occasional miracle of four solid hours, but it's not routine yet. Regardless of some of the irregularities, you do sleep well most nights and I reeeeeeeeeeeeeally appreciate it (in fact, after I started this post, you later slept for 5-6 hours for a couple of nights in a row).

You were blessed just after you turned 7 weeks, and dad prayed that you would have a strong body and mind, which you wouldn't take for granted. He also prayed you would love your family, your friends and your enemies. That will be an important talent to develop which will help you find happiness throughout your life. I hope we can all work on that quality.

Aspen still adores you and refers to you as her baby. She tells everyone about you and is so helpful to me. I very much look forward to seeing the two of you interact more. Even now, with you just smiling at us, Aspen is thrilled. There's finally a reward for us taking care of you all day!

Also during your second month, you met many of your grandparents. We were happy to have so much family over to spend time with you and hold you and love on you and Aspen. I am especially grateful my Grandpa Vito made the trip out to meet you since he's 95 and traveling with him isn't easy for my parents. It'll be nice to see them again later this month when we fly out to Maine for a visit.

It has been so nice getting to know you, and we look forward to seeing your personality develop and helping you grow, little Linc!


See Aspen's monthly letter HERE.

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