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Thursday, August 07, 2014

Linc's blessing slash Aspen's birthday party

Isn't our first photo as a family of four a total keeper? Yeah... Someone was not happy we weren't immediately eating cake and opening presents after blessing someone else at church that morning! HA.

Lincoln was blessed on the 3rd, and we were so happy to have family celebrate the day with us. We also combined the festivities with a small party for Aspen's fourth birthday, so she was spoiled with a party on her real birthday, a few hours at the pool with me, Gail and Linc last Friday, and then another party with as much of our family as we could possibly round up this weekend.

My SIL Anna with me and the kids.
It was blazin' hot on Sunday, but we had some decent shade most of the afternoon. I'm grateful so many of our loved ones were willing to sit it out! My parents were immensely helpful in preparing for the blessing and setting up the food; we kept it low-key but it was still quite the production. I may or may not have literally cried over spilled (breast) milk that morning because I was so stressed out.

Gpa Vito and baby Linc.

Sophia was a special guest over the weekend, too, as she made arrangements to fly from Mexico to Utah for a few days before heading to Maine for the rest of August. Aspen and I were both over the moon to have her. I definitely experienced a baby-blessing-birthday-party hangover on Monday and Sophia came to my rescue, watching the kids for a couple of hours in the afternoon so I could nap. It was heaven. Her boyfriend Jose was also a huge help on Sunday, cleaning up and doing whatever he saw needed doing without being asked. He also got my grandpa telling stories to him later in the day, which I know Vito loved.

Elise making best friends with all the kids by handing out delicious cookies.
Gail, Lu, Brenn, Carolyn, Marc, Vito and Lalli.
Kev, Linda, John, Darin, Anna, Gabe, Sophia, Alissa and Matt.
Aspen had a great time with her cousins and our other family members, and I am so glad she had so many celebrations in the last couple of weeks. She kept saying how many things were the best ever and she was so happy and having so much fun.

Alissa with babies August (hers) and Linc (not hers).
Ever since Aspen stayed a few days at her Taylor cousins' house, she talks of them with even more admiration than ever before. I was thrilled they were able to come spend the day with us and show Aspen some love. And I always love talking with my SIL Anna; she has a great sense of humor and she let me talk her ear off at the blessing.

Her kids are so great with Aspen and I'm grateful for them sharing their rooms and toys and beds and parents with her when Linc was born.

Although my younger brother and his family couldn't come out to visit (we'll see them later this month, though!) my SIL Julia was so thoughtful and sent Aspen a birthday present in July. I decided to hang on to it for the blessing/birthday party so Aspen would have her gifts spread out between the two parties we had.

She's been so in to art projects again lately and Julia sent a roll of white paper that Aspen can spread out on the kitchen table and enjoy for hours. She loves it and the three rolls of scotch tape I had my mom get for Aspen, too. She also received a new kiddy pool, a MLP DVD, a new tiara (which she wore for the latter-half of the day after changing out of the one pictured here), some colorful washi tape, glue sticks and a bag of pony rings. Both sets of grandparents also gave Aspen some money, most of which I deposited into her 529 savings account. She's going to use some of the money to buy more race cars, though! She's very much into the movie "Cars" again so we're going to add regular matchbox cars to her collection. I love it.

Sophia brought home a piƱata for Aspen and even after all the kids had a whack at it, the thing would not bust open. Kev ended up ripping it apart Hulk-style and scattering the candy on the lawn for the kids. It was awesome.

My sincerest thanks to all who were able to come and celebrate our children with us over the weekend. I know Aspen ate up all the attention and had such a great time showing off her new baby. And I'm really glad I went almost an entire day without holding Linc except to feed him. My arms appreciated having a little break because he's already so gigantic!

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