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Friday, August 08, 2014

The blessing outfit that never was

I didn't have any interest getting a special blessing outfit for Linc because I think white tuxedos look weird. I also didn't want to go shopping with two kids in tow to find an alternative. I rummaged through Linc's boxes of clothes and found a cute polo, shorts and bow tie that I thought would be so cute for his blessing day. He's only been wearing onesies to church the last few weeks, so I figured that actually dressing him in a complete outfit would be special enough for his blessing.

Unfortunately no one except my sister thought this outfit was a good idea for the blessing. I was so disappointed that I got shot down! So I just put Linc in a white onesie for it. It really doesn't matter what he wore but I still wanted some photos of Linc all dressed up afterward. While everyone napped after the blessing and BBQ, I squeezed my chubby little baby into his outfit and had a photo shoot.

That smirk!

There's no rule that babies have to wear white when they're blessed and I don't know how anyone could resist this outfit.

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