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Sunday, August 31, 2014

The cousins and the lobsters arrive

Aspen was really excited to see her cousin Leilani again after a couple years' absence, and she was also looking forward to meeting baby Vito for the first time. But she made sure to remind me she still loves her cousin Halle oh-so-very-much. I guess she needed to make sure no one felt left out!

The girls played really well together and it was fun to see. I was thrilled to meet Vito and see him and Aspen together. It was like looking back in time and seeing myself play with my younger brother Jeshua. Our mini-mes are almost freaky.

A rare moment of stillness for baby Vito

Later that night Bambi brought over fresh lobster and we let the kids get to know our dinner. Aspen named one "Aspen Princess." It tasted good.

Both girls were hesitant at first, but Bambi explained the lobsters had bands over their claws and couldn't hurt them. So Leilani went to town and started picking up lobsters and examining them. She has no fear! Aspen was brave enough to touch a lobster, but couldn't bring herself to pick one up.

Linc chilling with his Uncle Jeshua
A few weeks ago, I sent Seth a photo of Lincoln making a super-unflattering grumpy face. Seth said Linc looked exactly like our Grandma Bette (who passed away in 2002). After he pointed that out I could totally see it, and now I can't unsee it. She had cheeks a lot like Linc's.

While at my parents', my step-dad Marc whispered that sometimes he sees so much of Bette in Linc, and he didn't intend for that to sound rude. I laughed because apparently we're all secretly thinking the same thing! 

It was so wonderful to have all the little kids together in the same place. I was impressed at how well the girls got along, in spite of Aspen's bossy personality. I mean, she'd staked her claim on all the toys at Gail's, and she did pretty well sharing once Leilani arrived... but it was hard for her to share all the ponies and cars she'd brought. She's so used to playing by herself at home and creating all these little worlds and scenarios that she didn't like seeing Leilani using her own imagination and coming up with variables. My poor little OCD child.

Our lobstah dinner was delish and I'm so grateful we're friends with a lobster-man whose wife brings a fresh catch to our house. That's amazing service, right there.

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