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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Vacation, all I ever wanted!

We have been having a fantastic time on vacation visiting my family. I'm so grateful Kev and I were able to take this trip in the wake of our home disaster. It has been a much-needed break from the stress of dealing with the flood clean up.

We got into Maine around midnight on Saturday and tried to recover from 13 hours of travel on Sunday. Aspen got to sleep with her favorite Auntie, so she woke with her Sunday monring and went to church while Kev and I slept with Linc. I, of course, woke up Sunday and freaked out because I didn't see the note Gail left for me that said Aspen went to church with them. I convinced myself Aspen had wandered off and was lost in Freeport somewhere. My parents and Sophia wouldn't answer their phones after I texted and called them so I basically had an anxiety attack until I found the note. Which was in plain sight.

When everyone got home and we had finished lunch, we headed to Cape Elizabeth to see the Portland Headlight at Fort Williams. Aspen desperately wanted to go to the ocean so we sat on the shore and watched her play.

I've given up using a nursing cover because it is so dang hot, so this is the driftwood on which I sat and nursed Lincoln in plain sight. It's liberating! I like not having to worry about positioning the cover, or suffocating my baby. I'm pretty discreet and I just can't care what anyone thinks. Also, if I had to hide away every time Linc needs to nurse, I wouldn't be enjoying this vacation.

My 95-year-old Grandpa Vito

Aspen really enjoyed creating a rock sculpture, and when cleaning it up she made a pile of rocks and called it a castle. She was able to tour Fort Williams ruins with Kev and Marc and we told her it was a castle. She is thrilled that there are real castles in the world, and not just in her shows. I'm glad we could make her dreams a reality on this trip.

I have a billion more photos that I'll be sharing so enjoy your virtual trip to Maine.

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  1. Wow, I need to make it to Maine someday. It looks so beautiful.

  2. Your pictures are gorgeous and Aspen looks adorable! So glad your trip is going well!


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