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Friday, August 29, 2014

Winslow Park, day 1

We hit up Winslow Park our second day in Maine, and I'm impressed we survived it with Linc. We may have stayed juuuuust a little too long, but it was still so nice to be there. It was probably the highlight of Aspen's vacation to spend time at the water, so it was totally worth having Linc lay on my lap and scream for five minutes while we tried to pack up and convince Aspen to leave.

She was so good at filling and hauling buckets of water that we should have had her helping us bail water at the house when it flooded! She just loved moving water.

This right here is the dock on which I smashed up my front teeth as a kid. I ended up having those two jacked up teeth pulled and then needed some serious braces for a few years as a teen. Awesome. Thanks, Winslow!

Sophia manned my baby sooooo much for me on this trip and I am SO GRATEFUL. She put him to sleep on the beach and at the house and she held him for eleventy-billion hours. So although I sometimes felt locked down at the house (in the event Linc awoke and needed to nurse), at least I didn't have to hold him nonstop.

We rigged up some umbrellas for Linc to avoid the sun, and even sprayed them with bug repellent to protect him even more. Man... those guys were nasty. But it was worth it to be at the beach for two days.

We spent some time combing the beach for shells and trinkets, and Aspen made lots of mud pies and a castle with Kev. She was in heaven.

And yes, Sophia photographed me nursing my baby on the beach. This is how I spent my vacation, people! Nursing in lots of different places.

After Linc napped I did subject him to the Atlantic Ocean. And he did not like it. But him crying just made it more hilarious. Whenever the water tickled his toes he squealed and tried to retract them into his body. Sorry, baby.

I gathered up all these treasures (and Sophia had even more) but I may just print and frame this photo so I don't have to keep track of/dust/rearrange shells every week. After the flood, I'm even more determined to declutter the house and make my life easier.

I hope you enjoyed your virtual visit to Winslow Park!

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