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Friday, August 29, 2014

Wolfe's Neck Farm

We had some ideas brewing for our vacation; places to go and things to do... but after we survived 13 hours of travel I didn't really want to do anything that involved long car rides. So we kept our itinerary local and made the most of what Freeport has to offer.

I suggested we take the short drive to Wolfe's Neck Farm with baby Vito and Aspen, so one afternoon we headed out. It was perfect for the kids to run around and enjoy the fresh air without needing vigilant observation.

This was my view from the air-conditioned car while I nursed Linc. It really made me want some corn on the cob.

Since I spent so much time in the car feeding the boy, I missed the animals and all that, but I caught up with the family as the kids ran in the garden.


As I walked around and took photos, I kept noticing this watering can in different places. Apparently, Aspen was hauling it around and leaving it all over the garden.

We read Benjamin Bunny's and Peter Rabbit's stories often in our house, so it was a treat to stumble upon Mr. McGregor's very own garden while at the farm! And we found one of those bunnies, too, as we walked back to the car. I suspect it was Peter becuase the bunny had no clothes, and we all know he loses his often when trying to escape the cat and Mr. McGregor himself.

Proof Linc was there, too.

I asked Kev if he'd take a picture of me with Sophia and Jeshua by the Queen Anne's Lace, and Aspen decided to check out the spot. Little did she know there was a ditch on the side of the road, and she soon found herself buried in flowers.

Later that night, we went across the street from my parents' house to the park so the last of the wiggles could be enjoyed.

Jeshua ran the kids around and around and around until the mosquitoes came out and tried to swallow us whole.

Grandpa Vito sat on the porch with Sophia and watched all the shenanigans as the sun set behind us. It was a great day being outdoors and spending time with family.

Also, Jeshua got a lesson in ponies at the park. Aspen informed him there are absolutely NO ninja ponies in Ponyville. She also told him he should do her preschool work to learn that "five" comes after "four," not "blueberry." For an accountant, Jeshua really needs to work on his numbers.

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