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Thursday, September 04, 2014

Bringing beachy back

My sister Sophia spent more years on the beach than I ever did. Although we were both born in Maine, when we moved back, she was so much younger she ended up spending more of her formative years there. The beach became her happy place. She can spend hours just sitting on the sand.

On this trip to Maine, she left just a day ahead of me. She packed her bags and asked if I could squeeze some of the leftovers into my suitcases to bring back for her (she was staying at my house until BYU started up again the following week). Because the beach is so important to her, I took extra time to create these souvenirs for her and her boyfriend, even though I knew they'd be jostled in our luggage.

Sophia filled a giant bucket with sand and shells, pine cones, seaweed and rocks. I picked through them, arranged these little plastic cans and then sent her photos. Kev stuffed the negative space with plastic bags before packing them for the flight home, so they actually arrived in Utah pretty well put together.

Having made these for her, I wish I had some for myself! It's a great way to contain the "mess" and still enjoy it. I hope Sophia will feel better having a little piece of the beach with her in land-locked Utah.

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