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Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Cousins in town

While I stayed home (and Linc ended up taking the longest nap ever) Kev took Aspen in to town to meet up with Jeshua and his family. Kev really wanted a photo of the cousins together at the Bean boot, so he made it happen. I wish I would have been able to walk in town more, and do some window shopping, but it was such a short trip, and Linc's schedule is still unpredictable so I couldn't make it happen. The one time I did venture into the shops with Linc, I forgot to bring baby wipes, he had a messy diaper, he needed to nurse and he screamed bloody murder in the second store. So I gave up.
Daddy-daughter adorableness right there. I love these two buds!

I didn't realize that in addition to the regular boot, they have a Boston Bean Boot mobile! How cool is that? I wish I could have seen it. No trip to Freeport feels complete without a visit to Beans, and I only made it to the outlet store this time. It's not the same!

In the last few years, Beans has added a cute children's area in their retail store. It's always fun to explore, and now that Aspen can write and draw it was great to see her art on their chalk wall. I'm so glad Kev took pictures to show me!

Aspen was really excited to chase baby V around when they were together. I still can't get over how much it looks like me and Jeshua from childhood. Just give them some Ninja Turtles and Barbies and we've got an authentic reenactment going on.

Kev almost nailed the Bean boot photo! It's hard to get the kids to coordinate their happy faces. Hopefully next visit we'll get the little brothers in the photo, too.

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