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Monday, September 08, 2014

Flood update

Despite all the happy-fun vacation photos, our house is still kind of a disaster from the flood. Kev successfully dried all the carpet and pads, but since my Grandpa gave us a generous contribution to the Lucky-House-clean up-fund, we're going to tile the basement.

Phone picture of the garage around 530am, after the water had been bailed out and the monsoon had stopped.
When we got back from our trip, Kev stayed up late removing carpet and most of the pad. Now he's faced with lots of glue and remnants of carpet pad that don't want to let go. He'll soon be sealing off the basement and grinding down/using adhesive remover to prep the floors for tile.

I am excited we'll have a more flood-friendly flooring downstairs, but I'm overwhelmed at the thought of more construction. It's just so sad that everything was done and then *poof* it was ruined. Now our house is in disarray once again and I can no longer park in the garage and there's nowhere for Sophia to sleep when she comes over and blah blah blah.

We initially hoped to have enough money to pay someone to do the tile, but after researching products and the necessary materials for a space this big, we found we couldn't afford to sub the project. I was really disappointed because Kev is almost never home, and I couldn't figure out how he would have the time to do this. I wanted so badly for us to be able to pay someone to come and do the tile while Kev worked so he could come home after a couple of days and it'd just be done.

Laundry room with ruined sink cabinet, ruined dog bed, ruined carpet and overall disgustingness.
Last week, I returned home after taking Aspen to preschool and I saw my neighbor/Bishop hosing down my trash can after pick up. I thanked him for doing that, and for often bringing our cans in from the curb, and he said it was no problem. We continued chatting for a few minutes and he said he hated to bring up a sore subject, but he wanted to know how the basement was coming along.

I told him we were going to put in new floors, and he told me to give him the bill. Just like that. He said that the night before, he had felt a prompting to reach out to couple of families affected by the recent flooding, and he wanted me to know there is help to be had from the church. Not just in the man-power that helped us bail water, haul debris and get the initial clean up going. But help to pay for the rebuild.

It's funny, because I've given the same advice before. When a friend in college mentioned she was stressing about paying her tuition/bills/buying food/etc, I suggested she speak with the Bishop about receiving financial help to make up the difference. She did, and it was so wonderful to see her burden lifted. However, the thought of asking for help for myself right now didn't cross my mind. It was just assumed that this is another thing to pay for in addition to Lincoln's hospital bills and the plane tickets to Maine, and we'd figure out how to make it work.

Knowing that now we can not only get the work done, but have someone else do it so Kev doesn't have to is such a relief to me. It is so wonderful to live in this community where we are in the thoughts of others so often. I don't know how I can ever repay our friends and neighbors for the kindness they've shown since we moved here. I never feel like I've given back enough, or payed it forward enough.

I'm grateful though, and I think that's the first step toward repaying the generosity of others.

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  1. That's so great! I'm like you in that I never would have even thought to ask for assistance, just assumed we have to figure it out. I'm so happy that Kev won't have to spend family time working on tile for you guys. What a relief and what a blessing to have a bishop who is so thoughtful and listens to the Spirit!


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