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Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Insta Vacation

I took a bunch of photos in Maine using my phone, and in order to free up some memory space I'm going to mash them all up here for your viewing pleasure:

Portland Headlight
Linc unimpressed at the Portland Headlight.
Aspen captivated by the beach at the Portland Headlight.


Linc pooping in Sophia's hand.
Winslow Park, Freeport.

Aspen with "Aspen Princess" lobster.
Grandpa Vito!

Treasures from Winslow.
Aspen and Little.
Grandpa Vito and Grandma Bette.

Freeport flowers.
Winslow Park.
Aspen drew a picture of herself and Leilani holding Vito.
I went through an old box I'd forgotten at my parents' and found a newspaper Gail had kept from my birth day. Fun!
More Freeport flowers.
I took a walk around Freeport one morning and snapped photos of some of the homes. I love the look of New England houses.
The park by my parents' house.

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