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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Letters to Lincoln, month 3

Dear Little Lincoln Log-

You are three months old! Hallelujah!

It's been such an adventure the last month; you flew across the country and back, and the only way you could tell you were somewhere new is that the ceilings looked different to you. At least, that's what I'm assuming. Gail has less ceiling fans in her house, so you must have realized we were no longer at home as you stared up all day.

Both you and Aspen were awesome on all our flights to and from Maine, and I wasn't really worried about how things would go. I mean, I was worried about ever sleeping again, but I knew your dad and I would be fine to fly with you kids. You both adjusted well to the two-hour time change when we got there and we had a fantastic time. I joke that our two days of travel were the best of your life because you were literally held for at least 12 non-stop hours and you nursed on-demand the whole time. What more could a baby want?!

At three months you're smiling quite often, and cooing at us a lot. Aspen just wants to protect you from everyone because I guess she's concerned we really will eat you. I promise we're just saying that, and we're not going to gobble you up. She gets very upset when I call you a T-Rex (hello, short baby arms!) and when I say you have cheese in the folds of your skin. She doesn't want anyone to say an unkind word about you. She gets really peeved when I call you a Cheese-a-saurus Rex. Well, maybe if you didn't have so much cheesy baby gunk in your short little T-Rex arms, I wouldn't have to call you that!

At your two-month well-visit I asked that Dr. about the possibility you have an acid reflux problem, but we've tentatively ruled that out. I'm just amazed that you spit up SO MUCH. Aspen never did, so this is new territory for me. We all just make sure when we hold you we have proper protection. Like an apron.

Because of your propensity for puke, I don't actually make you do much tummy time. It just makes you barf and then you flop your heavy gigantic noggin right in it and it's super gross. So I'm really sorry if you fail gym class due to a weak core.

And speaking of weaknesses- you have always had the tendency to look to your right. I noticed it soon after you were born and have been actively encouraging you to move your head the other way. You do follow sounds and movement over your left shoulder, but it's still hard to force your head the other way when you're sleeping. We've got your right shoulder propped when you sleep, but you're such a wiggler I often find you've managed to move your head to your preferred side. Your Dr. noticed it at your two-month and we've got to keep on eye on your flat head!

After our trip to Maine your sleeping became more erratic again and I thought I'd never recover from jet-lag. It made for some tough nights, especially since Aspen was sick from our trip and required a little more work than usual during the day. But we had the help of Auntie Fifi for a few days and that took a lot of the stress off of me. She also indulged you daily and held you often while you slept. Which, seriously, I would also do if I didn't want to get anything done during the day (like SHOWER).

Like your sister did at this age, you have found your fingers and you looooove to suck on them and get them all slimey. Your thumb is finding its way into your mouth more regularly but HALLELUJAH AND PRAISES BE, you now take a binky. Gail bought three or four different kinds when she visited for your blessing, and you decided you like the NUKs. I'm so relieved because our travel would not have gone as smoothly if we hadn't been able to use a binky to occasionally soothe you. You don't use it regularly for sleeping at this point but it's so nice to have the option! Also like your sister around this age, your hands have found each other. While you nurse you fold those chubby, dimpled little paws together over your tummy and it's so adorable. I have way too many pictures on my phone of your hands clasped on your fat belly. I can't resist. It was cute then and it's cute now.

Something I really appreciate about you is your ability to fall asleep while being rocked. With Aspen, I had to do a whole routine of bouncing, lunging, rocking, swaying, jiggling, shushing etc... just to get her to take a cat-nap. For you, we're at the point you fuss a bit and I take that as a cue you want to sleep. I swaddle you and then sit with you in the rocker until you fall asleep. It is so beautiful. I will admit that among some of the things I dislike about parenting, getting a baby to sleep is one of them. But when I can just sit and rock you for a few minutes and watch your eyelids droop, I can find joy in it. Now we just need to work on how long you sleep.

Love you Linc, thanks for taking on the crazy that is our family. We wouldn't be the same without you.


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  1. Can't believe he's three months! Aspen sounds like such a sweet protector sister the things you wrote made me laugh. Good luck with moving his head, we went through that with Bailee but she needed physical therapy. I was worried about Bentleys head feeling flat but the doctor said at his four month it looked and felt fine (just me being paranoid) all my babies have hated tummy time. But that sounds no fun to have him do tummy time then have his head fall into his throw up, ick! And so so nice he can fall asleep on his own.


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