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Friday, September 12, 2014

My little learner

Aspen got sick our last night in Maine, and that cold has been hanging on for dear life. I was so disappointed because she was set to start preschool on the third, and I didn't want to be the parent whose kid got everyone else sick the first week of school.

However, we went to school as planned just to pick up some paperwork. While there, Aspen didn't' cough once, so her teacher suggested I let her stay. I was like SEE YA! Aspen had so much fun and she has enjoyed going to preschool for the last week.

My only problem is picking her up; she insists she's starving to death even though I know they get a snack in preschool. Regardless, she complains the whole drive home, and Linc is usually screaming, too, because he's ready for a nap but won't fall asleep in the car. It's a really, really fun drive.

To avoid this meltdown in the 45 minutes between pickup and lunch being on the table, I think we'll set up a routine. Aspen loooooves routines. Since she doesn't have time in the morning (it literally takes her 2 hours to get ready for 9am preschool) for TV, we'll plan that as soon as we get home from preschool, she can watch a show while I put Linc down for a nap and then prepare lunch. Perhaps if she has that to look forward to without fail, it won't be so hard to come home and wait a few minutes for lunch.

And if this doesn't work, then I'll just stop picking her up from preschool (I kid, I kid).

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  1. That's nice she was able to stay. And that doesn't sound like a fun car ride! Routines make everything so much smoother& better. I feel like our lives would be so chaotic without them.

  2. Glad she got going in school. Even though it's a pain to get them out the door, sometimes that 3 hr break is just enough to get you through the rest of the day.
    Also, this may be something you already tried, or just not your jam, but I'm a huge fan of snacks for the car. Something small just to hold them over for those times when they're "starving". :) Dried fruit, nuts, or even fruit snacks when I'm desperate. Good luck!


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