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Monday, September 22, 2014

Overnight getaway

We were invited to a friend's cabin over the weekend, and we were able to make it up for one night. I'm disappointed we were stuck at home all day Saturday with church (me) and work (Kev) responsibilities because the weather was perfect, whereas all day Sunday it rained and we were stuck inside.

Regardless, the views from inside the house were beautiful. And Linc took an-almost-three-hour nap so I at least got to enjoy some time to relax without holding a baby nonstop.

When we arrived Saturday night, it was so quiet and peaceful. There weren't even any birds or bugs chirping in the trees. The area is surrounded by Aspen trees, and some of them are turning golden yellow right now.

It was gorgeous.

On our drive back down the mountain Sunday night, we spotted deer, elk, and lots of moose. I have seen more moose in Utah than I ever have in Maine (I don't know if I've ever seen a moose in Maine!) and I was so excited we got to show them to Aspen.

And, thankfully, Kev spotted this waddling porcupine before it was too late and we got to stop and watch him cross the road. Aspen has seen the episode of Wild Kratts that talks about porcupines, so it was fun for her to see one in real life.

Highlights of the weekend include lots of great company, lots of good food, lots of laying down, and lots of friends for Aspen to play with. Downsides include limited time spent in the mountains, and me significantly cutting open the tip of my finger while making breakfast.

I hope there will be many more opportunities to visit the cabin again next summer. Although dogs aren't allowed, we were able to leave Maddie with our next-door neighbors, and she had so much fun with them she was definitely depressed and moping the day after we got back and retrieved her. I guess she suffers from vacation-let-down, too.

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  1. Sounds perfect! Ha love the pic of the porcupine. Bailee loves wild kratts.

  2. I can't believe you got to see a porcupine! That's pretty cool. It's not what I think of seeing when I go up in the that was a pleasant surprise for you, I'm sure!


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