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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The rule of three

I'm really hopeful we've had our fill of hiccups for the time being. First our house flooded, then Aspen got sick on our last night in Maine and woke up with a fever and the shakes (and when she fell asleep on the plane after a 5am wake up call, she awoke after the nap and cried nonstop), our fridge went on the fritz and now my debit card is cancelled due to fraudulent purchases detected last weekend.

I have to give my bank credit, though. They called me on Saturday and let me know about the transaction, and immediately put a stop on the funds and the card. While it's super-inconvenient to be without a debit card, I'm grateful everything was straightened out so quickly. And I'm grateful the purchase wasn't humongous, so even if it had gone through, we wouldn't have gone broke.

Regardless, I'm ready for a little relief from all the drama! Or at the very least, I need another beach vacation with a sister/nanny to graciously care for my babies while I nap.

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  1. I so know the feeling!! Hope things turn around for you.. It's like how many more things can possibly go wrong, right?


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