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Monday, September 01, 2014

Wilbur's of Maine

There's a chocolate factory in Freeport, and I've never even been to it before. I know, I'm a terrible Mainer.

But when Gail suggested taking the kids to Wilbur's of Maine, I was all over that. It's only $3.50 for the tour, and you get LOTS of samples. Especially when you went to High School with the event coordinator who gives the tours ;).

It was fun to go through the factory and learn more about this awesome company that is based in my home town. Also? Chocolate is delicious. Unfortunately, while inside, I only took photos with my phone... But enjoy them anyway:

We got to wear hairnets to go inside the actual production spaces. I cannot believe how much of the chocolate/candies is prepared by hand. Wilbur the Moose is hand-painted, and it takes several people to create him. 

We were there on caramel day and it smelled so delicious in the factory. I wanted to drink it. We also saw the chocolate-covered blueberries being panned, and Aspen got to create a handful of chocolate coins. Lemme tell ya, Wilbur's chocolate coins are SO MUCH BETTER than the cheap gold ones you buy around Christmas to stuff stockings.

The store sells more than just chocolate, too. There are all sorts of Maine-based products and Kev even dared to try Moxie. He said he wanted to buy some simply for the logo. He ended up not only with a can of the soda, but a tee we stripped right off the mannequin.

I wanted to buy so many Maine-related things, but then I kept picturing the mess that was my house after the flood. NO MORE STUFF. So that's my excuse for taking so many photos. They'll serve as my souvenirs. Plus all the chocolate I ate. Totally worth the stomach ache.

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