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Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Winslow Park, day 2

We were able to go to Winslow a second day with my brother and his family and I'm so glad we kept it local. Gail suggested other beaches but I just wanted to stay close. I kept reiterating that bringing tired, screaming kids home from the beach is easier when the drive is only 10 minutes vs an hour or more.

And Winslow is such a perfect little beach. Both days we went we had plenty of space, and high tide was at noon. We had just enough beach toys to keep the kids entertained, and lots of sand to explore for shells, rocks and crabs.

The water was too cold for me to wade to the dock, but I enjoyed watchingeveryone else head out and play.

Kev pulled out the skim board my parents have, and gave it a go. It hasn't been waxed in about ten years so it didn't work well, but it was fun for Aspen to try.

I caught Aspen posed in my favorite cheerleading jump- the side hurdler. I couldn't resist telling her more about it! I did refrain from fixing her arms, though. Eventually she'll learn ;).

I'm so sad we don't live by the ocean, but I'm glad we'll have these memories. And we'll have vacations to look forward to as long as my parents live on the coast.

Until next time, Winslow.

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  1. So beautiful!! Maine is definitely on my travel wish list! And that picture of Aspen doing the side hurdler -- so freakin cute!


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