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Friday, October 24, 2014

Deer season

A couple of months ago, I received some Zulily credit. I always love perusing the site and deciding what to get.

On a whim, I asked Kev what he would think if I ordered an aluminum deer head. He wasn't sure if he had heard me correctly. But something about it appealed to me! I couldn't resist. He was game, so I ordered it. It's only 13 inches tall, so it's not too conspicuous or annoying. And with it being silver, it's modern and a perfect complement to our grey walls.

The only beef I have with it is the head is mounted crooked on the plaque. I probably could have my brother weld it back on straight, but then it wouldn't finally be hanging on my bedroom wall. As it is, I finally asked Kev to hang it this week after weeks of wondering where to put it.

Now I get to spend another few weeks figuring out what else to hang near it so it's not lonely. I'm leaning toward a bunting of some sort. I know I have some free bunting patterns downloaded on my computer, but it's a matter of having the right programs on this sad little dinosaur to actually open and print them. HA!

But hopefully this wall won't be left looking as bare as that gallery wall I keep dreaming about but never working on.

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