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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Letters to Lincoln, month 4


You're four months old! Daddy says he doesn't remember what it was like before you arrived, but I do. I'm pretty sure there was more sleeping.

We've hit another rough patch and I sure am beat. It doesn't help that since Daddy works so much, you've developed a preference for me in the night (not to mention the food sources). So even when I have Daddy go in to soothe you for me, I usually end up with you because you scream bloody murder while he holds you.


It's really hard on me, Linc. I no longer get to nap during the day because there's just so much going on. So I'm tired. So far this month, we've only left the house (without Dad) to take big sister to school and to buy groceries. And believe you me, I've been tempted to order even those online. When I do attempt an outing, I always regret not getting you home and in your crib.

BUT! That photo right there, the one in which you're reaching for your foot- that is actually the exact moment you FIRST found your adorable little toes. And I caught it on camera. That's pretty special. I'm so glad Aspen and I were there for that milestone.

At four months, you've starting spending time in your Bumbo and what I like to call THE COMMAND CENTER. You haaaate tummy time and I still don't make you do it often. You now see Maddie and watch her walk around, and we finally have some giggles out of you.

Your relationship with the binky is quite complicated and I don't understand it. You really enjoyed it when we traveled to Maine, and I used it on the plane to soothe you. But at home you mostly just want it stuffed into your mouth riiiiiiight as you fall asleep. Then you spit it out a minute later and stay asleep (usually). It's so very different from Aspen. And speaking of weird sleep habits- this week I've been whistling, yes whistling, "The Luckiest" by Ben Folds to help you nod off for day time naps. You'll be wailing and grunting and wiggling in your swaddle, but after a few bars you settle down and close your eyes. You love that song.

At this point, you're mostly wearing 6 month clothes (depending on brand), and that absolutely kills me because Aspen was still in 0-3 when she was 4 months. But, there's a reason why Aspen calls you "Chubs." YOU ARE SO FAT. You have your well-visit next week and I'm so excited to see how much you weigh. There's nothing like showing off a chubby baby and having nurses be like, "HE'S BREASTFED?!" Yes, indeed.

Speaking of food, you are very interested in it. Since you insist on being held all the livelong day, I usually have you in my lap during meals. You watch me lift food from my plate and bring it to my mouth like it's the most interesting thing you've ever seen. I have a feeling you're going to like Thanksgiving this year. I may or may not be planning to sneak you some yams.

Linc, I know this sleep deprivation is just a blip on the radar, and I'm grateful I can look back on Aspen's monthly letters and see similar patterns. There's hope I'll get more than two hours of sleep someday! So we'll keep working on it, k?

Love you,

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