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Monday, October 27, 2014

Mabey Farms

Without a minute to spare, we finally made it to a pumpkin patch! I think we usually put it off until the last Saturday before Halloween, and it works pretty well for us.

The Mabey Patch in South Jordan is nice because there's no entrance fee. You're only charged for the pumpkins you pick. And they're reasonably priced; plus they have a great variety.

Aspen is sitting on a regular ol' pumpkin, but we came away with a couple of fairy tale pumpkins like the one pictured below.

Since I have to chop open and prep pumpkins to make pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving, I'm not personally interested in doing it for Halloween, too. But Kev wants to carve pumpkins with Aspen so he can be in charge of that activity. We'll see if he ever gets around to that this year. In the meantime, we have a nice-looking pumpkin on our porch that awaits its destiny.

When Aspen was only three months old, we went to Black Island Farms and got her a teeny little green pumpkin. So for Lincoln's first Halloween, I had to do the same. Little green pumpkins are so cute!

And the light/white/pink pumpkins are called porcelain dolls. Isn't that awesome?!

Next year I won't give in to the impulse to purchase bitty pumpkins from WinCo for $0.78 because they're only $0.50 at the Mabey Patch. I got totally ripped off ;).

I'm so glad we were able to go so we can dress up our porch for fall, and so Aspen can have more memories of stumbling through a pumpkin patch and hauling out just the right one to bring home.

Aspen's first pumpkin patch, second, and third.

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