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Monday, October 06, 2014

Silver Lake

Since Kev is no longer on-call for work 24/7, we decided to drive up to Silver Lake on Saturday afternoon. I kept seeing people post all about it on FB/Insta and I was jealous. It looked so beautiful and I wanted to explore this gem that is so close to where I live.

After the first session of General Conference, we loaded up and headed to the mountains. I'm so glad we did.

I kept telling Kev there's something about Douglas Firs that makes me happy. Just looking at them fills me up with joy. I don't know if it's Christmas-related, or Maine-related, or what. But they are my favorite pine.

I'm so glad there's a boardwalk around the lake, because at the last minute we decided to use the stroller instead of having me wear Linc in a wrap. I did end up carrying him a lot of the way because he needed a nap (and he doesn't go to sleep well unless he's first rocked by a human), but it was so nice to have everything stuffed in the stroller while we walked.

Those trees are totally killing it. The combination of Firs and Aspens? COME ON!!

I'd like to know who owns this house because I will gladly clean their toilets in exchange for a weekend stay. It is so pretty and I'm sure the views are outstanding.

These outings are so much better when Kev can come with us. Not just because he's an extra set of hands to help with a kid, but because I know he loves them, too. Since he took this job two years ago, he's had little time to cultivate his interests, and he definitely hasn't been able to explore SLC as much as he'd like. I know he misses Ogden for so many reasons, one of which is that he knew so much about it. He had his favorite haunts and he has a lot of memories tied to that city. I hope we can keep having family adventures in the SLC area so we can make it feel more like home to him.

There are so many little alcoves off the train that would be perfect for picnicing or photos. It was a great mix of shaded and sunny spots, and today's weather was perfect for walking around the lake. I'm so grateful we could go and enjoy this gift.

 That house!! Seriously. It's amazing. So much prettier than any of the others in the area.

I'm hopeful we'll commit to making Silver Lake a General Conference tradition. Seeing the foliage changing colors is wonderful in the autumn, and in the spring it'll be refreshing to see buds on the trees. Plus, the walk is so easy it's perfect for young kids. And after Aspen got over her fear of the sound of grasshoppers, she was all over "hunting for ground squirrels!" I'd call that a win.

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  1. Gorgeous!!! We've been meaning to go there and these pictures have me soldv that we MUST get up there ASAP! :)

    1. Yes, don't miss out on the foliage! It's so lovely up there.

  2. I keep seeing people post pictures of Silver Lake too this fall. I was like where is this place?!?! Looks beautiful!

    1. It's so amazing to have access to something like this. It's up by Brighton/Snowbird in Cottonwood Canyon.


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