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Saturday, November 08, 2014

A Holiday Season Surprise

This week Kev lost his job. Well, technically, he was told that in two months there might be some work for him, but in the mean time SEE YA LATER.

It's very difficult to understand. It seemed there was a lot of promise for Kev to switch roles in the company and work for a different division. It was going to provide him with more regular work hours (rather than being on-call 24/7) and he would be doing more administrative work instead of manual labor. We were both looking forward to the change for him.

But then he encountered some payroll issues and once they were resolved, he was given the news that they no longer needed him to show up. How could he go from being the only person employed to being the first let go?

We've encountered long bouts of unemployment before, but I was always working full-time when it happened. As of last week, I was only on the sub list for work, and bringing in a small monthly income working for 'Or so she says...'. So it's a very different experience this time around, not having a fallback.

I'm hopeful, though, that of the leads Kev has (thank you to our friends and family who have given so many options to him!), there will be one that is a good fit, even if only temporary. I just want him to find something that makes him happy and has the potential to be long-term so he doesn't find himself in this situation again. Being unemployed is hard. When we moved to West Jordan for Kev's job with Rockwell and I had to leave behind my teaching positions in Ogden, I was so depressed. It was difficult to no longer be contributing financially. And for me, being able to work helps me feel better about myself. I can only imagine how Kev feels, especially after giving so much to the company the last couple of years.

A few days after Kev was let go, I read this scripture in Nephi. It had been a rough day for me emotionally as the reality of the situation finally sank in. But these words resonated with me and I resolved to handle this with strength. I will be mighty!

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