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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Letters to Lincoln, month 5


You're five months old. YESSSSSSSSSSS.

I've had a rough month, but that's probably no surprise. Your sleeping is pretty erratic, and it seems like the pediatrician's suggestion that I put you down and let you go to sleep on your own made you super mad. Like, the day he said that (at your four-month well-visit) you started sleeping worse than ever. So... I take it you didn't like his advice. That's cool, I mean, I'll sleep when I'm dead.

It's easy to hope that a SEVENTEEN POUND BABY would sleep better than a teeny baby, but I have found it's not that simple. You just loooooove to eat. So much so that you scream until I give in and feed you during your midnight wakings. Also, you haven't taken a binky in a month so it's safe to say I'm your binky and if you're going to have something in your mouth to put you to sleep, it's going to be me. Not the most convenient, but what can a mama do?

In the last month you've started reaching for things constantly. Aspen was never such a grabby baby, so I'm anticipating we'll actually have to baby-proof the house when you're mobile. Everything in sight is fair game and you reach with your chubby little T-Rex arms until you can get whatever it is in your mouth. You also started spitting bubbles for fun and laughing extra-deep fat-kid chuckles this month. It's THE BEST. You're so fat. I'm going to say that as often as I can while you're still an infant and it won't hurt your feelings.

You really love to watch Aspen and Maddie all day and you light up when Aspen gives you attention (which is probably a little too much). You're still a very big Mama's boy and I guess that's alright. Sometimes Daddy can get you to sleep, but not without a struggle. It's exhausting for everyone, and we're to the point I almost never ask Daddy to put you to bed because it's such a scream-fest. Like, blood-curdling screams. It sounds like you're being kidnapped by the most terrible monster ever. And it's almost comical how you usually immediately stop screaming when Daddy passes you into my arms.

A couple of weeks ago, you accidentally rolled over twice, and Aspen rolled you over a third time. She thinks it's the best thing ever to manipulate you and squeeeeeeze you.

I hope you won't hate me, but I've started buying girls' clothes for you. When second-hand shopping, I find a much better selection of pants in the girls' section. But, unless I say something, no one will ever know! It's just that you seem to grow out of an outfit by the end of the day, and I can hardly keep up with you. You're already wearing mostly 9-month-sized clothes, and I doubt they'll last much longer before I have to bump you up to 12-month. So if I'm going to be acquiring clothes for you so frequently, I don't want to spend a lot of time looking at bland, ugly, boring boy clothes (GREY GREY GREY NAVY GREY GREY GRAY CONSTRUCTION VEHICLE). I promise I'll draw the line at too much pink.

It seems you're enjoying this stage of constant discovery, and we're trying our best to enjoy it, too. Keep on learning and growing, little (fat) one.


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  1. He is so cute and squishy, I can't even stand it!!! Adorable! Hope he starts sleeping better for you soon though...


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