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Monday, November 03, 2014

This is Halloween

On Halloween I decided to take Aspen trick-or-treating at the South Towne Mall in the afternoon. And since I made those plans, Lincoln decided to take an awesome nap and we ended up stuck in traffic trying to get to Sandy later than I would've liked. The whole drive to the mall, Aspen kept telling me I should have gone a different way and I was like, I AM GOING A DIFFERENT WAY. There was a huge wreck on I15 and we were cruising on State Street in comparison. Backseat drivers, geeeeez.
We did about an hour in the mall before I took Aspen to not eat a $3 hot dog in the food court. By that time I was really overwhelmed by all the noise and the crowds so I told Aspen it was time to head home. We managed to get back to our house the same time as Kev so they could get ready to trick-or-treat through our neighborhood together.

Unfortunately, we're not one of those families who does a theme for Halloween. I guess it's good because this year Kev dressed as Heisenberg (Walter White's alter-meth-king-ego on Breaking Bad) and I wouldn't want Aspen to coordinate with that. And Kev didn't want to be an Equestria Girl so...

Kev took Aspen around the neighborhood for a couple of hours while I stayed home with my baby boyfriend handing out candy. While he napped, I got to sit on the front porch and sneak candy in between passing it out.

I was afraid she'd come home screaming like last year (she was so mad about the night ending that she threw up and peed her pants a few houses away from home), and every time I heard a kid outside crying I was convinced it was Aspen. But, thankfully, she came home without any tears and she waited until it was time to get ready for bed to pee her pants. HA!! I guess she was mad at Kev about something so when I intervened she had put off going to the bathroom for so long it was too late. Poor kid parties pretty hard.

And now we have this huge bowl of candy that I threaten to take away from her about 100 times every day in order to get her to make better choices. We're apparently back in a terrible tantrum stage with her again. I've been trying to use "1, 2, 3, Magic!" again, but she has the sass to just copy everything I say and then have a huge conniption when I try to lock her in her room for the requisite time out. I don't have the stamina to listen to that (she can go on for hours) and I also have to consider the fact that Linc needs to take a nap sometime and can't with all Aspen's weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth.

Hopefully the candy threats will continue to be taken seriously because it's all I've got, and all she seems to care about right now.

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