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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Wedding Bells

My sister is getting married this winter, so I had the opportunity to take some photos for her wedding announcement. I can't believe she's old enough to get married. She's actually two years older than I was when I married Kev. And she's two years older than Jeshua when he got married, too.

Jose's a nice kid, though, and I'm happy for her. I'm also happy to be PINNING ALL THE THINGS in preparation for the reception. 

Aspen's having a really hard time with it, though. She's very upset her most-favorite Auntie is going to be married. She's convinced Sophia will actually stop being her Auntie when she gets married and that ticks her off. Of course, who would want their personal servant to get married and move on with their life??

It's funny, though, because when Sophia and Jose come over, it's not like Sophia ignores Aspen. She still gives her lots of attention and does special stuff with her. We've tried explaining to Aspen that she's not losing an Auntie but, rather, gaining a new Uncle. So far that hasn't done the trick. I'm hopeful she's be more excited when she gets to pick a new outfit for the wedding and see all our family in town for the festivities. Plus there will be cake so... that might sway her opinion of this union.

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  1. She will always just be a 14 year old in my mind. Always!! Plus she still looks freakishly young, so that helps too. ;) Hopefully Aspen comes around to it otherwise the reception could get pretty interesting haha


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