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Friday, December 12, 2014

2014 Relief Society Christmas Party

Before Lincoln was born, I asked to be released from my calling as a teacher in Primary at church. I could not picture myself continuing with that weekly task while trying to juggle an infant. I was so relieved to be released and not to have the pressure of teaching every week!

But not having a calling didn't last long. I was soon asked to be the RS activity organizer person. RS activity committee head? RS activity planner? I don't even remember what it's called... I was probably too sleep-deprived when they asked me and set me apart. But it's my new job at church, and I get to work with one of the wonderful members of the RS presidency to plan and carryout these quarterly activities.

For the first time in a long while, it was decided that the dinner would be hosted at the church instead of in someone's home. I pulled ideas from my old ward in Ogden, and I had ladies sign up to decorate tables for the evening (to cut down on how much my team and I would have to do!). It was awesome to see what the volunteers came up with. Pictured above is Laurel's table, which was voted "Most Festive." She's a wonderful neighbor I've enjoyed so much in my time here in Murray. And, as it turns out, her daughter attended my mom's seminary class in Maine, and then stayed in my grandpa's house in Connecticut during one of her med school rotations. SMALL WORLD.

For our evening, we had such a delicious dinner, served to us by the YW who volunteered to help (SUCH A GOOD IDEA). I had a few more YW/YM doing a nursery for any children who tagged along with their moms, and it was nice they could take Linc for me for a little while.

Linda, my guide through all this, really pulled everything together. She ran errands and purchased so many of our supplies and created the gifts for the ladies to take home at the end of the night. The RS theme this year has been to shine our lights, and Linda put the scripture reference on votive candles for everyone. Having only recently discovered the wonder of the Dollar Tree myself, I am still amazed she found glass votive holders at the dollar store two-for-a-dollar. Seriously, that is my new favorite place.

As a RS committee, we provided the main course for the night, but sisters in the ward signed up to bring salads, rolls and desserts. How cute are the reindeer cupcakes?! Aspen and I made a huge batch of cookies to bring, and I probably have to make more again this week because she claims she didn't get to eat nearly enough before I gave them all away.

I used my LLBean lighthouse advent calendar for my centerpiece, and was voted "Most Unique!" I loved representing my home state, and I was only allowed to bring it on the condition that no one opened the drawers and stole Aspen's treats. HA!

Linda asked a choir from Murray HS to perform for us, and it was so beautiful. Both the A Cappella and Madrigal choirs came, and I was so happy to listen to live Christmas music. They did a wonderful job, and I'm so thankful Linda thought to invite them. We were also treated to live flute music during dinner since one of our YW agreed to play for us. It was so fancy.

And since so many ladies helped with all the prep work and clean up, I really felt I didn't do much. I had been stressing for weeks about having to bring Linc, and having to take Aspen to and from dance during the activity, and making sure everyone had a good time... I honestly got to the point I wasn't looking forward to the evening. It didn't help that I was up most of the night with Linc, and then had to work the day of the activity so I was extremely worn out by kids kids kids. But everyone was so hands-on and Kev was able to get Aspen from dance, and Linc slept in my arms the second half of the activity, and it turned out wonderfully. So many people said they had a great time and that makes all the stress worth it.

But I'm glad I only have to do these activities every few months!

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