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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmas 2014

This year has been quite an adventurous one. I feel enveloped by our neighborhood and community in a way I've never experienced before. Our needs are constantly met, as well as so many of our wants!

Kev lost his job in November right when the RS president and Bishop were organizing the Angel Tree for the ward. Janice called me and asked me to submit a couple of items for the tree so ward members could help us with Christmas. It was so thoughtful. It seemed like every time I answered my phone or door in November, someone was doing something amazing for us. Truly amazing.

I was so grateful for the charity shown to us, and before Christmas I explained to Aspen that some gifts are from people in our ward who love us, and who wanted us to have an amazing Christmas. I hope she understands it! Last year we were in a position to take a name from the tree and give to someone in need, and next year we plan to do it again.

This knucklehead has been sleeping SO POORLY. I had about three hours of sleep on Christmas Eve, and that was after trying to go to bed at 9pm. I just can't win. So I really slacked on photos during Christmas. I was so very, very tired. But we had lots of good food and a lovely time with Seth, Sophia and Jose on Christmas morning, even if I didn't document much of it.

I was done with my shopping pretty early this year, but when this My Little Pony castle popped on a Facebook yard sale site for TWO DOLLARS I had Kev pick it up while he was running errands. I love it, probably as much as Aspen. It even still had some of the cute, teeny tiny accessories with it.

I bought new stockings from the Dollar Tree this year, but since I'm a sleep-deprived zombie I didn't count correctly and didn't have enough for our family plus guests. So Seth got one of my socks. He's such a good sport. Also, please notice the gorgeous railing in the background! No more 2X4 railing for us at our fancy Lucky House!

Originally, Aspen asked for some books and some cars for Christmas. She also picked out some new tights, and I got her some more art supplies and a box of hand-me-down clothes from her cousins. But, just like her mother did the year she asked for a red-headed Barbie ON CHRISTMAS EVE OR SHE WOULD NO LONGER BELIEVE IN SANTA, Aspen added something vital to her list after all my shopping was done. Thankfully my mom hadn't done her shopping yet, so I let her give the most-favorite gift of the year: Rainbow Dash Equestria Girl. It was what Aspen was searching for all morning. After I let her open the doll (and the doll a member of our ward gave her) it was the perfect time to take a break from presents and put Linc down for a nap. I didn't want to miss any of the fun, but the dolls gave Aspen something to focus on instead of the presents still awaiting us. She loves the dolls so much I've decided to bribe her with more and if she starts taking quiet time in her room every day, she can earn the rest of them. I have to decide how many days it'll take to earn one because there are only four more characters... She's just kind of a monster without any serious down-time during the day and we need to figure out a way to fix that.

On Christmas Eve, Jose and Sophia treated us to an El Salvadorean dinner tradition- chicken sandwiches. They were so tasty, and Aspen even tried a bunch of the elements without putting them in sandwich form. They're chicken drumsticks with lettuce, tomato, beets, radish, hard-boiled eggs, and a homemade salsa sauce. They were so good I ate one and a half and then felt sickly full the rest of the night. WORTH IT. We couldn't stay up all night partying like true El Salvadoreans, but we could at least have a feast!

It was a wonderful Christmas and I'm so glad Kev had the day off to spend with family. It was also so amazing to have a white Christmas. I told Aspen that was Santa's gift to her since I'm really lazy about pretending Santa exists. I figure it's fair that Santa brought snow because everyone gets to enjoy it ;).

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  1. Aww what a fun Christmas! Minus the no sleep thing, everything else seems fabulous! :) I hope that Lincoln will improve his sleeping IMMEDIATELY!! George was a butt about sleeping for a longgg time, but now that he's better it seems like it [almost] never happened ;) I hope he can get with the program soon! xoxo


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