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Friday, December 19, 2014

I've got the magic in the me

Because I know you're all on the edge of your seats, how about an update on the sleeping situation at my house?


Well, I have been watching Linc's drowsy cues for about a month now. I've been putting him down for "naps" (which are really just 30-40 minute snoozes) after no longer than two hours of wakefulness for the morning and afternoon. In the evenings, though, I recently noticed he's tired again in more random intervals. I'm trying to honor that and create a schedule that syncs with his natural sleep cycles (CAN YOU SEE WHY I'M BECOMING A CRAZY PERSON?!).

With that in mind, I started putting him to bed "for the night" in the 6 o'clock hour. After a few days this week, it's clear this is the key. He goes to bed before 7pm, and ends up sleeping until about 11 or midnight, which is the longest stretch of sleep he's taken since he was a new baby. After a feed, he'll sleep again for another 4-5 hours. And while I can't go to bed a 7p, I can at least aim for 9 after Aspen is definitely asleep and I can get about two hours in before attending to Linc for his first waking. Then I can try to slip in a long stretch of sleep until Linc wakes again in the early morning.

Last night I didn't hear Linc around midnight, but Kev was awake so he tended to him. I heard Linc wailing a bit as Kev rocked him back to sleep but I didn't go in to help because TIRED. Kev was able to get Linc back to sleep and he didn't wake for a feeding until about 445a. That means he went almost 10 hours without needing to nurse. I AM WINNING!!

This is such a relief. I hope I've found the solution to his interrupted sleep, even if it means he's going to bed at 630p and I'm still a prisoner in my house with sleeping kids.

Early bedtime is a suggestion in Weissbluth's book, but I hadn't gotten to that being an option with Linc yet because his cat naps have been all over the place. Now that everything is moved to an earlier point in the day, starting Linc's bedtime routine at 6 seems to be working. It also helps that Kev is home from work around that time, so I don't feel I'm completely abandoning Aspen.

And a side note- as I've continued to study Healthy Sleep Habits... I find myself crying so much. He constantly reassures parents they're not bad awful humans for resenting and disliking their babies. I need that reminder so much because I am so sick of this baby stuff and the struggle to find a rhythm and have some semblance of a daily schedule again. It feels like a never-ending battle that I am always losing and, man, do I need the encouragement. Even if it is from some Dr. I've never met. It just feels like he gets it. He seems to know how terrible it is to survive a colicky baby, and to try overcoming the problems that develop as a result.

I'm obviously not going to throw a premature party to celebrate Linc's better sleep, but I am going to be grateful for the obvious improvements I've seen in just the last couple of nights. I'm willing to be hopeful the earlier bedtime is doing the trick.

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