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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Letters to Lincoln, month 8


Well, you're cute. You really are. You started saying "dadadada" in the middle of January, and it won over all the family who came into town for Sophia's wedding. Perfect timing! You're also rolling from back to side-almost-tummy and reaching for everything in sight. When on your tummy, you now rotate since you're high-centered, and you can reach for things in a wide circumference. Changing you is like wrestling an octopus. You're constantly wiggling and exploring. In addition to saying "dada," you also love to roar. You roar all. the. time. When you were born I often called you a baby dinosaur, and the nickname still fits.

I took you late to your well-visit last month (7 months instead of 6) and the Dr. suggested I just put you down, wave and say "night-night!" at naps and bedtime. I tried to explain to him the struggles we've faced with your sleep, but then he continued with advice to nurse you only until you're juuuust about asleep, then unlatch you and put you down before you actually fall asleep. I understand that, and did that with your sister, but that's not a good approach with you right now.

However. HOWEVER. We've made a lot of progress. You did about a month of sleeping 8-10 hours at night. Some nights were better than others, but what more could I ask of you at this age, and after all the work we've put in to overcome bad-colic-related-habits? I think it helped that Dad went in to you at night for weeks and basically taught you that nighttime is for sleep, not for hanging out with me. You've recently reverted to only sleeping 4 hours at a time, and it's hard to juggle the morning wake-up when you're up at 5 for the day, and then need to go back to sleep by the time Aspen gets up. But we're working on giving you (AND ME) the sleep we need. Many days I feel like I'm actually going to make it through to the other side of this.

When you smile, it looks like someone cut a slit in a ball of dough; your gummy grin just breaks open those chubby cheeks of yours. Your big, blue eyes get lots of compliments, as does your fuzzy, fluffy hair. You look a lot like my Grandma Bette, who was nicknamed "Fluf" (for different reasons) back in the day. I see a lot of her in your profile and grumpy faces (she was kind of a grumpy lady ;)). Baths are still a delight for you and Aspen loves it when she can share time with you in the tub. When you get excited, you flap your arms like wings and kick your legs like a frog.

A sneaky little trick you like to do is drop food over the side of your booster seat for the dog. It honestly looks like you wait to make eye contact with her, and then you nonchalantly just slide your pudgy little hand over to the side and *plop* something to the floor while looking back at me. Sometimes you act surprised when it hits the ground, other times proud. Whatever's going on, it's the building blocks for a great relationship between man and beast. You also love to drop some wooden rings off the side and watch them bounce across the tile floor. It's fun to see you exploring so much of the world around you.

You also shake your head "no" a lot, and I'm trying to figure out if you do it when you're tired or hungry. I know you're not actually indicating "no," but I know you're doing it for a reason. It's pretty freakin' cute.

I'm so excited that you're growing strong and healthy. I hope we can keep working on sleep so we can both feel healthy and so my mental stability improves.

We love you, little chubby pants (Aspen insists this is one of your nicknames).

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