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Monday, March 16, 2015

Afternoon adventure

Lately, it seems that if I want to leave the house with both kids on an adventure, the magic hour is 3pm. If I'm lucky, Linc has taken an afternoon nap in his crib and not in my lap and I've showered. So some days, even though I'm so tired I could cry, I load up the kids and venture out.

Last week I took them to the farm since it was 70* outside and I felt guilty keeping them in the house.

Aspen decided to make a checklist of the noises the farm animals make, and we had to visit them in order.

It was pretty adorable, except that I ended up backtracking and walking all around the farm to revisit animals we had already passed, but couldn't actually stop and see because they weren't next on the list. HA!

Linc didn't seem very interested in the animals, but I think he was really happy to be outside in the sun. He was pretty pleasant in the stroller.

After all the animals we walked over to the playground and I watched Aspen slide a million times. Linc got ticked I wouldn't let him eat wood chips, so I ended up strapping the poor kid back in his stroller. He's just too heavy to hold!

This mild winter has been so nice, especially since emotionally I've been struggling to get through the day-to-day. Linc's nice sleeping spell has ended and we're back to short bursts of sleep, and lots of screaming. I'm glad that even if I don't have the energy to take the kids anywhere, the warm weather at least allows us to walk around the neighborhood or play in the yard.

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