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Friday, March 20, 2015

Every Day Photos Guide - Day 2

This photo challenge stumped me. Lindsay challenged participants to photograph a favorite spot in the house or yard.

The thing about our house right now is that there is no space that is just my own. Kev has his garage and a storage room for all his stuff. The kids each have their own rooms. Maddie has her closet under the stairs.

I got nothin'.

So I had to think about where I would go in our house if I could actually get some time alone. I settled on my bed. I miss my bed. I'm sure it's so cozy and comfortable.

Hopefully some day, when the kids are a little older and need a little less from me, I can create a little space for myself downstairs in the guest room. There's a great desk down there I have every intention of using for work. Right now, though, it's more practical for me to work at the kitchen table so I can attend to every beck and call of the family. LUCKY ME.

Aspen's favorite spot right now is, hands down, on the couch watching Netflix. She may say her favorite place is on her carpet playing cars, but her actions speak louder than words. Because I spend so much time trying to get Linc to sleep, Aspen gets to watch a lot of Netflix.

Linc loves to roll around the house and do naughty things like eat drywall crumbs and styrofoam and dog toys and get stuck between the fridge and the wall.

He also loves to be in my lap, but since that's a given I figured I'd photograph something less obvious.

And just for good measure, I leave you with the following photo:

He's so freakin cute I can't stand it.

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