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Friday, March 06, 2015

Kids are Here (Inspired by Lindsay)

I am exposed to a lot of amazing women through my work with 'Or so she says...' and for that I am so grateful.

This month I edited a post for OSSS by Lindsay, who has her own blog, too. I was so excited for her post to go live because the topic resonated with me. I try to be diligent taking photos of the kids with my dSLR each month to capture their growth and their relationship with one another. I also am working on taking photos of the kids with ME too.

But since projects around the house are slacking, I haven't documented the day-to-day much. I haven't captured the imprint kids are leaving on this house and our daily lives.

When living in West Jordan, I started a little series called "here and there," which reminded me to go about the house and photograph random vignettes that caught  my eye. Or to look around during outings with Aspen and see a small moment worth remembering. Taking that one step further, Lindsay suggests photographing the little (or maybe big) messes and evidences that show kids are here.

So, one early morning (thanks for the 530a wake up call, Linc!) I walked around the house after breakfast and snapped shots of what proves I have kids in my home. Kids who play and create and change the way I live.

I resisted the urge to move anything, and actually photographed things as is so I will remember the way we live.

Ironically, I think the only room in the house that is always clean and looks kid-free is Linc's nursery. I still have control over that room and we rarely play in there (or if we do, it's easy to stash the toys and books in the cloth bins he has and keep the place tidy).

I need to let go of my desire to have an organized home and just give in to the chaos. I think I'll be a lot happier. Either that or just get rid of everything (but not the kids, I swear).

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  1. Hey another blog post! Look at me reading blogs on a Friday night! I just wanted to say I love this idea and have been trying to be better about it. I love the pillows you have up against the telling! I love finding toys hidden in the most random places like the other day I found our plastic figurines of the Wicked Witch of the West and Gargamel (smurf kidnapper) hanging out together in a desk drawer, haha!

    1. Those bad guys gotta stick together!


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