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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Kids are Here

I think I'm pretty good taking candid photos of the kids. I like having so-called regular moments captured, and I hope they'll appreciate being able to look at photos someday and see what their childhood really looked like. I'm excited to be participating in Lindsay's #everydayphotosguide, and to step up my game over the next few weeks.
Photo by Aspen
Photo by Aspen
It's also been fun to give Aspen the camera or my phone and let her walk around photographing things. When we went to Park City in January, she took dozens of photos with my phone in the lobby. I had so many pictures of carpet and chairs and her Rainbow Dash doll. Some of them are really good!

I like seeing her perspective on things. Usually she photographs the same thing a bunch of times, but sometimes we get real gems. Like the Netflix remote.

Photo by Aspen
Photo by Aspen
I'm so happy to be back in the swing of taking everyday photos. Yes, posed photos can be awesome, but they're not always real life.

Real life is catching Aspen petting her brother's fuzzy 'fro while they watch TV, and catching Linc chewing on Aspen's chair (which he managed to flip over without hitting himself for once).

Real life lately is me in old college tees with no make up on, just trying to survive these days of no sleep. Real life is also Aspen doing preschool on the computer in the living room while Linc and I play on the floor next to her.

And sometimes real life is me spontaneously having everyone sit on the bed while I set up the self-timer on the camera to snap a few photos before dinner. It's rare that we're all together in the daylight, so we had to capture the moment.

They're not perfect, but they're real. Kev and Linc accidentally matching, Aspen wearing her crown, the dog distracting Linc from the camera. It's all good.

I'm excited to be back in the habit of taking these candid, every-day photos. I'm so grateful for Lindsay's project, which motivated me to get going again.

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  1. Aspen is a good little photographer! We're still working on the hold the camera still so you don't end up with 1209412057035 blurry photos at our house. The ones that turn out though are gems. I love seeing what they choose to capture in their lives. I love that one of Lincoln chewing on the chair!!! That should be the cover of a magazine called "Real Life With Kids".


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