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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Letters to Lincoln, month 9

Hey Linc!

You started pbbftbbffting this month. And saying the "mmmm" sound. It's almost like you're saying "Mama." Winning!

You've also mastered rolling all over the floor to explore the world around you, which means I'm constantly telling Aspen to pick up her teeny tiny itsy bitsy choking hazards. It also means you get new bonks on your head every day because you like pulling things on to yourself (like Aspen's folding chair). I'm trying to protect you, but I don't think you stand a chance!

In addition to the "mmmm" sound, a week or so later you started making the "bbbb" and "vvvv" sounds. It's really fun to hear you expressing yourself and babbling. And when I ask you, "Where's Aspen?!" when she's gone (at school, dance or a friend's house) you look around the room for her. IT'S SO CUUUUUUTE. You love her so much, and we're all looking forward to when you're bigger than her and can sit on her as payback for all the "hugs" she gives you.

Our nights are going much better now, with you sleeping from about 6-7p until 5-6a. Sometimes you wake up screaming around 1030p or midnight and that sucks, but it's usually not too hard to put you back to bed. It's still difficult to nap you, but whatever, I'm going to survive this. I AM.

At 9 months, you seem to prefer savory foods over sweets, which makes me question whether you really are a product of Kev and myself. And you prefer to have me spoon-feed you purees instead of giving you bites of real food. It may have something to do with how you fail to get the food from your hand to your mouth. It isn't easy to taste food when your chubby little paw is trying to smash it through your cheek! I didn't think you were going to grow teeth any time soon, but at the end of February I realized you had something sharp popping up when you bit my finger. Aspen didn't have teeth until she was at least one (I think?) so I'm very surprised!

You roll all over the house and Daddy installed the old baby gate at the top of the stairs about a week ago. Since the majority of our living space is wood floor or tile, you're really good at scooting all around the floor on your tummy. Unlike Aspen, you're also very interested in pulling everything off the bookshelves and we're going to have to do some serious baby-proofing ASAP. I've already stepped up my vacuuming game!

Why do you look like an Oompa Loompa?!
When you see your sister you light up and flap your little wings. She is one of your favorite people and I look forward to seeing your relationship develop. I also look forward to when you're finally bigger than her (which will probably be like, next week) and you can pay her back for all the "hugs" and "love" she shows you. SIT ON HER, LINC!

I started a project this month with you and sister, thanks to some inspiration from OSSS contributor Lindsay. Obviously, I'm really good at photographing you and sister (whether together or separately). I think it's important to capture moments between the two of you, and to document your growth. But I also want to make sure I'm in the picture, too. Literally. I want the two of you to be able to look back and see me. So there will be a lot of selfies of you and me/Aspen and me (and Aspen is getting good at photographing the two of us, too). I need to do it now while the two of you are young and aren't annoyed by my camera :). As hard as it is for me to be a parent, and to feel I'm doing it well, I do love you kids. I am consumed by your well-being and am always thinking of you guys and your needs.

Thanks for taking on the crazy that is our family, Linc.


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