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Monday, March 09, 2015


I have a really hard time shopping for Linc. Depending on the brand of clothing, his size is all over the chart. Typically, he's in the 12-18 month category (and yes, he'll be NINE MONTHS OLD this week).

He seems pretty tall for his age, and with his super chubby thighs, I realized he can't wear any jeans (even though they're sooooo cute). I put him on the floor the other day while he was wearing jeans and I noticed he couldn't roll around. At all. He couldn't move his legs! HA! So he has to wear leggings. And boy leggings don't really exist. I refuse to put him in baby track pants because they look so sloppy. He'll have plenty of time to dress like a lazy college student when he is  a lazy college student.

In the past, I've purchased him clothes from the girls' section simply because selection was bigger. Earlier this month I actively scoured the girls' racks at Target to find clearance leggings I could put Linc in without Kev having a cow. I dunno, he's like, not into me putting Linc in girls' clothes? Whatever!

I was happy to find these leggings on sale for both kids so all my dreams could come true and I could match them. Linc's in a size 18mos, and Aspen's in a 5T. It made me giddy when Aspen agreed to wear these pants the same day I had Linc wearing them.

I hope I still have a few more years of coordinating these kids because it's SO CUTE. Also, it's SO CUTE when Aspen asks me to take a photo of her kissing Linc. Even if he's busy chewing on my hair elastic.

And right now Target has some good sales going on:

Girls Toddler Clothing - Save 20% when you buy four, or save 15% when you buy three. Online only, valid 3/8 - 3/14

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