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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

CoverGirl from Influenster

I've always been a CoverGirl mascara fan. For the last few years I've stuck with the LashBlast product (purple tube) because it gives great volume and separation without being too wet. I HATE wet mascara. I always blink after applying and get spidery lines all over my eyelids. When it comes to eye liner, I usually buy a Maybelline crayon (the kind that cranks up) in a brown so it layers well with my eye shadow.

Influenster sent out a new CoverGirl mascara and liquid eyeliner for me to try and I was scared. I don't think I've ever used liqiud liner. In fact, I didn't even use regular eye liner until college. So I was worried it'd be really difficult to use.

After watching the YouTube video, though, I realized how different and user-friendly this new Intensify Me! eyeliner is. It's designed like a felt-tipped marker, so there's a lot of control. Plus, it can be turned one way for thin application, and another for thick. I actually put it on the first time without needing to do any touch up.

No make up on the left // CoverGirl Intensify Me! and Super Sizer on the right
The Super Sizer mascara went on really wet, and it didn't seem like the brush was anything different or special. But it did dry a whole lot faster than I expected and I didn't end up with streaks of mascara on my lids or cheeks.

In the future I'll look for the Intensify Me! liner in a brown or softer color, but I can get used to the black. The combination of the two did a lot of wake up my eyes (which I desperately need since my baby doesn't love to sleep). And maybe someday I'll be brave and try the business-card-trick to do a cat eye with the liner!

I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes. All opinions expressed are my own.

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