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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Letters to Lincoln, month 10

Hey little dude-

Going into your tenth month, you started dancing to music. Whether it's Aspen's toy piano, or the opening credits to "Parks and Recreation," you wiggle and jiggle in delight. There's also the hand-wave, which is very cute.

Just after you hit 9 months, you began stacking your toys. While I feed you, I still give you something to play with on your tray, and it's the wooden rings you love to drop so much. But, lately, you've been stacking a couple of them first. You also enjoy stacking some old blocks of Aspen's, and your satisfied laugh afterward is priceless. You laugh so heartily that you stretch your legs and point your toes.

Three new teeth popped out in the last month, which I'm going to blame for your terrible sleep patterns. It has been so bad, especially since Dad was working swing shift the week they broke. He came home at midnight to find me sobbing in your room, so sleep-deprived and miserable because it was the third time I'd tried to go to bed that night without any cooperation from you. Lincoln, we love you so much. You're such a joy when it's not time to sleep. Dad says you're like a vampire; harmless in the day, deadly in the night. HA!!

This last month you also began to understand waving hello and goodbye (and not just waving to music). And if I say "all done" you try to sign it with me. That looks just like a wave, too, but I know what you mean! You also mimic "uh oh" since Dad says it every time you throw something off your booster seat when he's feeding you.

You still love taking baths and playing in the water. You also have been drinking from a cup for a couple of months now, and you get so excited when I bring one to you. 

I took you and Aspen to work with me a few times last month and the girls all go crazy over you. They sit on the floor and hold you in their laps and you're so big you dwarf them! We're talking five and six year old girls. But all that matters to me is they're holding you so you don't cry while I clean up craft projects and toys and play with other kids.

You're not crawling yet, but you're seriously rolling all over the house. At dinner one night I put you down in the living room, and by the time Aspen and I were halfway through our meal, I could hear you down the hall in my room. You'd chased the big exercise ball all that way.

This month I borrowed your Uncle Seth's big exercise ball so I can sit and bounce you on that instead of the edge of my bed. It has been such a lifesaver because it's more effective at helping you sleep, and I can use it in your room in the dead of night without waking your Dad. People comment on how much weight I've lost, and I'll tell you the secret- have a colicky baby who never learns to sleep on his own and you will lose millions of pounds via nursing and bouncing him for hours every day and night.

To help with the bouncing addiction, I caved and ordered a rather complicated looking jumper for you. I wanted to get a Johnny Jump Up, but those only hold babies up to 24 pounds. You, my son, have been 23 pounds since you were 8 months old. So I had to upgrade to something with a greater weight capacity (HA!). I hope you'll love it and get hours of use out of it and maybe fall asleep in it? Yes? One can hope.

We all love you to pieces, Lincy Lou.


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