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Saturday, May 02, 2015

Chatbooks code

Have you heard of Chatbooks? When I first read about it, I was bummed because it was only an app available to iPhone users. Then they made an android app and I kept my hopes up that someday it'd be available for Windows Phone.

Chatbooks is a service that will automatically generate 60-photo books that contain your Instagram feed. When you hit 60 in your feed, Chatbooks sends a notification regarding your book so you can choose to make edits or not. Once the wait period has concluded, the book goes to print and ships free. Each 60-photo book is only $6. YES SIX DOLLARS.

In my opinion, having the service available online is an even better option. I feel like I can be more organized when I'm sitting at the computer, sorting through photos and deciding exactly which ones will be printed. I actually sat down and went through hundreds of photos at once to be sure my queued books are ready to go.

Books measure 6"x6", so they're easy to put on a bookshelf or side table for viewing often. I love having my photos finally printed and contained somewhere. I blog with the intention of printing books, but I haven't done that in years. When I told Kev I'd signed up for this service, he was not very interested... he doesn't have an Instagram account so he was like, "meh." But when the books started arriving and he was able to sit down and see all these photos he didn't know I'd taken, he was sold. It was so rewarding to see him smile as he went through the photos.

If you haven't tried Chatbooks yet, feel free to use the above code to get your first book free. There are different options for creating books and having them delivered, so check it out and enjoy all those photos!

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