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Friday, May 22, 2015

Day 4 in the Hospital // Post-op

Saturday morning I was able to leave Linc with Katrina and get to the hospital before noon. Matt was still there, thankfully, and he had given me periodic updates regarding Kev while I was home. When I arrived, he looked so much better. I was also able to be there when the head of the unit arrived, Dr. Sebet, as well as Drs. Krishnamurthy and Cavin. Everyone was elated. Meckel's is so rare that none of the doctors had seen a case unfold like this before. For Dr. K, her only experience with it was as a question on her exams in med school. Kev was basically famous.

Post-op, it was recommended that Kev get off his IV asap, as well as off oxygen. He was instructed to walk as often as he could (at least once every two hours) to promote digestion. He'd not only had the diverticulum removed, but a small portion of intestines on either side, which were then sewn back together. Because of this, his recovery is expected to require six weeks of no heavy lifting so as not to disrupt the healing. Thankfully, Kev's boss visited him twice in the hospital and they discussed his work options for after the surgery. He was very supportive, and the company even sent him flowers. It's so nice to know they're rooting for him, and invested in doing all they can to ensure he has appropriate work when he's ready to return.

By Saturday night we were all getting antsy to be at the end of Kev's hospital stay. His room was so tiny, we couldn't do anything or make any movements without having to rearrange everything. It was like being inside a jigsaw puzzle. The closet door couldn't open without hitting Kev's bed. His IV wouldn't roll around the bed enough for Kev to reach the bathroom. Nothing could be put on the floor because then his bed tray couldn't roll to and from his side. Two people couldn't comfortably sit in the room because when a nurse entered and tried to access the computer, the second visitor was in the way. It was getting miserable after four days. So miserable. I felt like I was suffocating. I can't even imagine how Kev must have felt, hooked up to machines and stuck in bed most of the time.

We started doing laps around the unit on Saturday and his digestive tract slowly starting kicking into gear. I was able to stay until about 730 that night (after having Katrina shuffle Linc to another neighbor's house) since I didn't feel comfortable leaving Kev alone for long while on his pain killers. The morphine made his intense and weird. He was behaving like a teenager who was high, but didn't want his parents to know. I wish I'd recorded it, but Kev was talking to the Bishop at the time and I didn't think it prudent.

Darin stayed with Kev Saturday night and I once again raced home to try getting to Linc before he exploded from fatigue. He definitely punished me at the end of each day he was left in the care of others. It would take me a couple of hours each night to get him to calm down and go to sleep. He was really well-behaved for his sitters, but as soon as he saw me walk in the room to get him, he'd start crying and get so upset if I didn't constantly hold him. So it was pretty exhausting after a long day at the hospital.

But Linc was sleeping well every night Kev was hospitalized, so when I was home with him I got about 7-8 ours of sleep every night. It was so wonderful to feel so much more rested than usual, although it's possible the elevated stress levels counteracted the additional sleep I was getting.

But we were so optimistic that Sunday night Kev would be discharged, so Seth and I hung on to that hope to get us through.

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