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Friday, May 22, 2015

Day 5 in the Hospital // Discharge Orders

By Sunday morning, I was so overwhelmed at the thought of arranging childcare for Linc yet again that I just decided to take him to the hospital with me. On Saturday Kev had mentioned he'd like to see Aspen, but since she was clear out at her cousins' I decided to settle on the next closest kid. And I figured bringing Linc after his morning nap would be best and he could actually spread cheer to people on the unit.

We got to St. Mark's a little after 11 and found Darin still there. I thought he was going to head out early for church, but thankfully he stayed. He helped Kev take his walks around the unit, and he took notes when Dr. Cavin came to check in with Kev. It was understood that as long as Kev tolerated the solid foods and had some digestive progress, he could be discharged that night on the nurse's orders. We were excited!

I spent a couple of hours at the hospital, and Seth showed up as well (of course!). I left Kev in his care while I took Linc home for a nap. I also had to drive to Sandy and feed the dogs before returning to St. Mark's in the early evening. Seth said he'd stay Sunday night with Kev if he ended up staying until Monday, so we were really hopeful Kev would decide to leave. Seth had missed a lot of work on our behalf, and I wanted to give him some of his life back if at all possible.

Kev wasn't feeling awesome later Sunday evening, but when he was napping Seth and I both left the hospital. I was going to take Linc home for bed, and Seth was going to bring the dogs to my house for the night so he could stay with Kev.

By 830, Kev called Seth (who'd just arrived at my house with the dogs). His night nurse had started her shift and he didn't like her one bit. When she came to check vitals, he said he needed assistance sitting up. She was not mindful of his three abdominal incisions and she jerked him up in his bed. So Kev called to ask Seth to pick him up and bring him home. We were thrilled. So I rushed around the house to get pillows for our bed and get things ready for Kev's arrival.

By 10 Kev was home. Seth helped him into the house and we got him all settled in bed. Additionally, Seth filled all of Kev's prescriptions for me and said he'd sleep over for a couple of nights to make sure we were all settled and had some extra help. I slept in Aspen's bed the first night because I was terrified I'd accidentally kick Kev in the stomach in the middle of the night. I ended up plugging the baby monitor in our room so he could call out if needed and I'd hear him.

My sister-in-law Anna brought Aspen home the next morning while Kev and Linc were taking their naps. It was good to have her home, but overwhelming all the same. She has little understanding of just how stressful the week had been. She isn't any less demanding or frustrating or strong-willed than before, and my reserves have been lacking right now. Linc slept through the night while Kev was hospitalized, but that didn't last forever. So I found myself getting up at least once with Linc, and sometimes two times with Kev in the night, as well as once with Aspen.

I thought I'd be okay to have him home and put the worst behind us, but when I took the kids to the store by myself Kev's first full day back, I realized how exhausted I was. It was so difficult to tolerate their fussiness and the stress of getting everything on my list and getting it home and put away... all normal things I regularly do!

My mom called and said she and Marc were planning to come out and help me for a few days. They wanted to do groceries and yard work and chauffeur Aspen around for me so I could recoup. But Kev's sister also offered to help, so we told my parents to hold off and let Tiffany come instead (my sister and her husband had just flown to Maine to spend the summer at my parents' so it seemed like a bad time for them to leave). I didn't realize how much this whole ordeal had taken out of me, and the thought of some extra help with Aspen was something I looked forward to so much. Even just having my brother come over and put Aspen to bed for me after work was such a relief.

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