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Thursday, May 07, 2015

Every day Photos Guide - Lindsay's eBook

I had a lot of fun intentionally taking photos of my life over the last few weeks. I made an conscious effort to sneak around the house and capture moments of my kids being themselves. Not posing for the camera. 
I captured them just hanging out. Eating. Playing. Y'know, the things we spend most of our time doing. 

I left our natural habitat untouched because really... there is always a pile of dirty clothes on Aspen's floor. She always leaves out her play scenes for days on end. She only rarely started making her own bed. So I documented it. These are the things Lindsay encourages us to photograph so we'll have memories of them.

It's also important to photograph the things in our daily lives. Our vehicles, the places we visit. Favorite toys, books, lovies, etc. The books above are some of my favorites, and the second set are two of Aspen's old favorites. She used to have one of the Berenstain Bear stories memorized, and she'd "read" it to me at night when she was about 2 years old. It was so cute.

I caught Linc trying to put on his own shoe. I love that I had the camera on hand for that. It's so fun to catch little milestones like this. And look at how proud he is of himself.

And instead of being just super annoyed Linc was hindering my workout, I grabbed the camera off the shelf and photographed him checking in with me. He was just making sure I'm lifting an appropriate weight!

And isn't it more fun to photograph kids getting into mischief before stopping them? I knew it was only a matter of time before Linc crawled out the doggy door. He had pushed a toy out, and when I caught him he did pull his head back in. I love how Maddie is outside. As you can see, she eventually shoved her way back in.

For me, it's really hard to let my kids cry. I just want to immediately fix the situation so the crying stops (it makes me crazy). But I had to leave Linc in his crib to set up the sump pump during a flash storm. He was bawling. When I came back in, Aspen had shut Linc's door, but not before filling his crib with her hippo and some extra blankets. This is REAL LIFE.

There are still more things I need to photograph, but I'll get there eventually. This project is making me wish I had more photos of my childhood. I'm grateful for the ones that survived our house fire, and that my parents have a lot of albums from my grandpa's house now that they're cleaning it out. It'll be nice to see what he and my grandma had, and to hear stories about them.

If you're interested in taking more intentional photos, and getting some tips for doing so, I suggest purchasing Lindsay's eBook. It's only $17, and it's simple, straight-forward and fun to follow. You don't have to use a fancy camera; she actually gives tips for photographing your every day with your phone, too. Additionally, she has some advice for archiving and printing your photos so they don't just sit on a hard drive forever.

It doesn't have to be hard to snap these photos... you could even just try taking one each week. The point is to capture more than just how things looked. The point is to capture a real memory and take a photo that will later elicit a feeling.

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  1. Thank you SO much for sharing this Liv! And I love your photos. Lunch has the BEST hair.


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