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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Getting to the hospital

After Bishop and his wife left, I got Aspen situated with some breakfast and went to Linc's room to finally nurse him. I just felt so overwhelmed and didn't know who to call to help with the kids. That morning I had actually coordinated a Pink Princess Party for my weekly play group and all my friends were going to celebrate a birthday and one of the girls moving to a new city. As I mentally scanned through all my friends, no one jumped out as available. I kept going back to Amanda, though, who lives about 20 minutes from me. I pushed the thought out of my mind because that didn't seem convenient enough. Additionally, she works a couple of hours in the morning and again in the afternoon, and I didn't want her to worry about my kids in addition to her own.

But as I sat to nurse Linc, I decided to just go for it and I texted Amanda. Miraculously, her husband was taking the day off work and he was available to receive my kids while Amanda worked for a couple of hours that morning. I couldn't believe it. So I packed up the kids and drove them all the way to Amanda's before heading to the hospital in my PJ top and a pair of jeans off my closet floor.

The drive to the hospital was the LONGEST OF MY ENTIRE LIFE. By that time, rush hour was easing up a bit (almost 9am) but the exits I needed to get from Amanda's to the hospital are always clogged up. It was miserable and I may have illegally crossed the double white lines and driven in the carpool lane for the first time ever. It just seemed unreal that there were so many accidents and various obstructions on the city streets, too. I couldn't believe how many obstacles kept me from getting to the hospital.

I was frazzled because I had left my phone in my car when dropping my kids off, and had missed a call from Kev in the ER. His voice was faint and hard to hear on the message, but he was calling primarily to ensure I knew he was at St. Mark's, not the hospital by our house (IMC). I knew where he was, and I desperately wanted him to know I was on my way, but I couldn't get through to him. I called the ER and begged someone to walk to his room and just tell him I was coming. They wouldn't. They patched me through to his phone and I thought that was ridiculous because he was in such bad shape. When he didn't answer my call to his room, I called the ER again and pestered them, once again begging them to just take a few steps to his room and reassure him he wouldn't be alone. No one probably did that, but at least I tried.

Kev called me back when I was just a couple of blocks away from St. Mark's and I could barely hear him. He said he was getting a blood transfusion in the ER and I couldn't believe it. Since we had no idea what was wrong with him at that time, it suddenly seemed like things were getting so serious. Right before he called me, a car swerved in front of me from the turning lane on 4500 S and I layed on the horn, cursing the driver and her Lexus to high heaven. I tried to be optimistic though, and figured if I got in a wreck at least I'd be taken right to the ER, and could maybe share a room with Kev! I was all hopped up on adrenaline and when I finally got to the hospital I was running full-speed.

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