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Monday, May 11, 2015

Letters to Lincoln, month 11

Hey dude!

You got your jumper this month and you've loved it. I've loved it, too. You bounce and bounce and have so much fun in it. Aspen also likes to play with you in it, and I'm just waiting for her to break you. I'll try to keep my eye on you guys, k? I'm just so glad one of my friends found this jumper for me because I wasn't having much luck weeding through results to find something that would hold your weight. All the inexpensive jumpers only go up to 24 pounds, and since you're 23 I didn't want to purchase something that would be obsolete in a short time. This cost an arm and a leg but you're totally worth it. Okay, really? It's worth it for me to have my arms free, and not be forced to bounce you on my lap.

This month you've also started some army crawling. It's more worm-like than anything, but whatever! It's kind of a step up from just rolling everywhere.

One of your favorite things is to mimic your sister. If she makes a noise, you copy it. If she laughs, you copy it. Another favorite of yours is tennis balls. Or raquet balls. Or big bouncy balls. You love chasing them all over the house and you love throwing them. We play catch and it's so cute how you lift both arms up to throw the ball from just one hand. You also like watching Signing Time, and as of now you kind of have just one sign- arm waving. You try to imitate the signs I do, but mostly it's just you waving your arm. I like it. I sign "bird," you wave at me. I sign "more," you wave at me. I sign "please," you wave at me. I sign "mom," you wave at me. Seth says you're pretty confident you're rocking the communication and it's hilarious.

We all went to the zoo in April for your like, second time ever. Needless to say, I won't be renewing our zoo pass again this year since I can barely leave the house for essentials. So I hope you enjoyed it!

You have your four front teeth and they were BEASTLY to you. Your sleep was further disrupted by those little monsters barreling through your gums and I'm really sorry about the discomfort. I'm also really sorry I only get three hours of sleep every night. By the end of your 10th month, two more teeth were plowing through your gums, but you were sleeping a teensy bit better than before.

Wherever we go, you get complimented on your fantastic, fluffy hair. It sticks straight out of your head and we can't get enough of it. I do try to comb it down, or form a mo-hawk so it has a semblance of style, but it has a mind of its own. It's your trademark, and I'll try not to mess with it too much.

You are probably your sister's number-one fan, and she makes you smile and giggle all the time. You love to roll/scoot-crawl yourself into her room, shut the door and touch all her stuff. It's a little distressing to her. She's already learning to shut her door when she leaves to keep you out. Mischief managed!

You're very much a doer, little man. More-so than I ever remember Aspen being. She kinda stayed in one place, but you're EVERYWHERE. You love to move move move and pull things out of boxes and put things into drawers and throw things and get into the dog's water and exhaust me. You could probably play pass with a tennis ball for an hour. You love balls so much.

We're still nursing at least five times in a 24-hour period, and you're still eating a lot of pureed baby food in addition to finger-sized bites of real food. But you are super-lazy and prefer to have me feed you everything. Occasionally I can get you to feed yourself, but it doesn't last long. I think you're still unaware that you and I are separate people and you need to learn to do things yourself.

But, whatever, it's cool. We'll just be BFF. FOREVER. Aspen says she never wants to move out so I guess you can stay in my house forever too. I'm really excited that you're almost one!! Even if that won't change your MotherBoy status. I just kind of have this hope that once you turn one you'll magically sleep better or need me a teensy weensy bit less or y'know, just, something. I'm also really excited to have an Arrested Development-inspired party for you.

Love you,

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