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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Mother's Day Weekend

On Saturday I was able to take the kids over to my brother Seth's house so we could visit for the later-afternoon/evening. Sophia and Jose were also there (painting the trim, weee!) so we all had pizza and entertained the kids the best we could.

When I first arrived, Seth took Linc from me and then proceeded to scold his dog for running through the house with muddy paws. Linc did not appreciate Seth's tone and he burst into tears. He could not be consoled. No matter what Seth tried, Linc looked at him like he'd kicked a puppy. I finally had to take him back and he immediately calmed down. Hashtag MotherBoy.

Despite the various meltdowns, I'm really glad I was able to spend time at Seth's. Kev had to work swing over the weekend, so it was good to have some company and some help with the kids. I was even able to leave them both at Seth's while I did a quick run to the grocery store. It was heavenly.

On Sunday Aspen and I got off to a rough start and she told me she hates me for the first time. Kev asked her to apologize but I told her not to say she was sorry unless she really was. I took both the kids to church (Kev had to work) and it became apparent Aspen was very repentant. She kept climbing all over me and saying "Happy Mother's Day" and drawing me pictures on her magnadoodle. Hopefully she'll learn the power of her words sooner rather than later.

When I got home from Sacrament with the kids, my neighbor came over and said she was working on her backyard garden. She invited Aspen over to help out and play while I napped Linc. And, miraculously, I was able to put Linc in the swing so I could have some time to myself kid-free for the afternoon! I probably had a good 1.5 hours to have a snack and get some work done. It was glorious. When Linc woke up I took him over to my neighbor's to check on Aspen. They'd fed her and given her lots to do! It was awesome. She gathered bugs and flowers in their yard, she made me another Mother's Day card, and she even had an ice cream cone.

They told me to go home and give them some time to finish up a project they were working on, so I fed Linc dinner until they came back over together. When my neighbor brought Aspen home, they brought me a beautiful bouquet of flowering chives that Aspen had created for me.

When I had Linc in the bath later that evening, my neighbor sent me the following text:

"Thank you so much for letting Aspen spend the afternoon with me. Since Ashley [her daughter] died, I can honestly say this is the first Mother's Day that has been a complete joy. Her [Aspen's] personality is just entertaining... between bug hunting, flower picking and rock collecting... the most fascinating thing to her was my paper cutter. She thought that was pretty cool. Thanks for sharing her with me on Mother's Day."

I am so glad that even though we didn't do anything super-special in our family for Mother's Day, that we were inadvertently able to do something for someone else. We are so lucky to have such wonderful neighbors.

And so I don't forget, I just have to say that Aspen did amazing during the little Mother's Day program in Sacrament. She stood up there and looked right at me while doing all the signs and singing all the words. Linc was mesmerized and even quit whining for a few minutes to watch his sister sing on the stand with all the other primary kids.

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