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Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Aspen's second dance recital

Aspen finished up another year of dance, and I'm so sad there's only one left. She really enjoys it, and I see her becoming more aware of herself each year. She whispers "chassé " to herself as she zips down the hall, and goes around singing the songs used in class each week. If this is something she wants to continue, and have be her "thing," I'm going to have to start doing some research. I've been spoiled with this studio in terms of philosophy and affordability.

She's often talking about her new best friend every couple of months in class, and I'm glad she feels accepted and comfortable there. It's too bad the girls all live near her teacher and will be attending a different school than Aspen, otherwise I'd be better about keeping her in touch with them.

The recital was darling, and my favorite part was at the end of her performance. I had just turned off my video because I could see a storm brewing while all the dancers were ushered off the stage. Aspen stalked to the side and plopped down. She wouldn't budge when her teacher approached her. Finally, Miss Elizabeth turned to the audience and announced that Aspen hadn't been able to curtsy, so she'd be doing it again.

Aspen walked to center-stage and curtsied numerous times while the whole audience clapped for her.

That sounds nothing like the time I was in dance and when I saw all the other girls somersault on stage I decided that was lame and did a cartwheel instead.

Linc did great being quiet and adorable during the show, and I realized it will probably be the first of many performances he sits through on his sister's behalf. What fun it will be to see these kids support each other throughout their lives!

Thrilled, obviously. I don't know how Miss E does it, but she manages to teach Aspen and earn her respect. KUDOS.
After each of her recitals so far, we've given Aspen a plant that she can put in our yard afterward. Last year was a lily and this year it's something purple (I have no idea... I snuck out of the house and bought it about an hour before the recital). This way we can see the blooms come back each year and they remind us of her accomplishments. She loves gardening so it's a great way to present her with flowers after a performance, and enjoy them forever.

I'm already looking forward to next year! This recital, combined with her preschool graduation earlier last week, was just the best ever. You never know what to expect from this firecracker, and it's obvious she loves to perform.

Little brother just chillin' during pictures.
And, just like last year, she's excited that she can now wear her recital outfit 24/7. She wore it all day afterward, and even on our walk around the neighborhood.

Here's to another year down, and one more to go!

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