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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Over the weekend

First thing Sunday morning, Aspen came into my room and said she needed to throw up. Kev was already on it and took her to the bathroom. She barfed, and then was fine the rest of the day. No fever, no more barf, no coughing, huge appetite... So weird. I kept her home from church just in case, especially since Kev was working swing and I didn't want to end up at church by myself with one sick kid and one baby-missing-a-nap.

Seth came over for dinner and we spent some time in the backyard with sparklers. Aspen saw them at the grocery store check out last week and wanted to get them for Father's Day. She's never used them before and I anticipated she'd be freaked out the first time we gave her one.

Eventually she warmed up to it and got brave enough to hold a few. She's really looking forward to using them in the dark so she can see them better. I love summer nights when we can relax her bedtime and let her sleep in most mornings! Maybe she'll actually see fireworks for the first time this year!

Seth stuffed Linc into Aspen's hippo and pushed/pulled him around the patio for a while. Eventually he got smart and used a mechanical arm to scoot the hippo around. Linc was content and happy to chase the dogs around while they chased a ball.

I'm really glad Aspen wasn't really sick and that we were able to spend our evening in the backyard with Seth. He is letting us borrow a window AC unit so I find it easier to endure the heat when I know I can lock myself in my freezing cold room at the end of the day to finally cool down the furnace that rages inside me after having two kids. Once Seth helped me put both kids to bed, we actually hung out in my room for a while to beat the heat. It's so great having a brother who's one of my best friends.

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